Donald Trump Child Rape Case is Credible

Lisa Bloom, an American civil rights attorney and author, analyses (in Huffington Post) the latest lawsuit against Donald Trump and concludes that the charges are “credible”. I have done that. And the answer is a clear yes. These allegations are

John Oliver disect Donald Trump’s comments on Brexit

Of course John Oliver couldn’t and wouldn’t leave Donald Trump alone after he commented on the British referendum on leaving the EU. The primary interest was Donald Trump’s reply to a question from a journalists asking for his thoughts on

Trump on immigration

Donald Trump have said: Immigration will destroy the European Union and the continent will be “unrecognisable” within a decade. Considering Donald Trump’s grandfather and his mom were both immigrants, so Donald Trump himself is a first-generation immigrant.  I guess that

Is Donald Trump the 21st Century Adolf Hitler?

Is Donald Trump a modern day Adolf Hitler?  Well, his opinions are remarkably similar and he has been known to be reading Mein Kampf. Adolf Hitler Donald Trump   Used racism to rise to powertt Used mass deportations of undisirables