Bird Killings

Back in 2012, Donald Trump tweeted this:

The main problem with that tweet is this:


Donald, how the hell do you think it is possible for you to fly around in one of those things in relative safety? That is possible because airports – including the one we assume you use regularly – go out of their way to get rid of birds.

Wildlife control contractors have shot almost 26,000 birds at John F. Kennedy International Airport over the past five years to stop them interfering with passenger flights — including more than 1,600 protected birds the airport did not have express permission to kill, internal records show.

That Donald is 26000 birds at ONE airport.  In 2010 there was 43982 airports in the world.  If we put the average airport size at 1/10th of JFK and assume each airport on average kill 2600 birds a year, that means about 114 million birds are killed at airports every year.

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