Why isn’t Trump 50 points ahead?

Trump is not getting any less delusional as the presidential campaign progresses.  He just tweeted: Why isn’t Hillary 50 points ahead? Maybe it’s the email scandal, policies that spread ISIS, or calling millions of Americans deplorables! pic.twitter.com/cvaMSAnAnE — Donald J.

Real Time with Bill Maher: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Donald Trump

He’s the small-handed son of an orangutan running for the highest office in the land. Donald Trump reveals fun facts to Us magazine.

Trump’s New York child rape lawsuit

On Monday, Donald Trump was – again – charged with rape at the New York Southern District Court as “Doe v. Trump et al“. We have managed to dig up the actual lawsuit and accompanying affidavits and it makes for

Trump is like Mussolini with a 3-inch dick

The Daily Beast has got a quite interesting interview with Hustler founder Larry Flynt.  The interview goes into some general issues such as the free speech and misogyny, but it also touches Donald Trump, and Flynt’s insight is canny. Some

Larry Flynt offer to verify Donald Trump’s penis size

In a letter, Hustler’s infamous Larry Flynt, have offered to verify Donald Trump’s claim that he is well hung. Hustler For Immediate Release (March 4, 2016 – Beverly Hills, CA) HUSTLER Founder and Chairman Larry Flynt has released the following

Donald Trump Bragging About his Penis Size on National TV

Donald Trump desperately defending his penis size on national TV.  He guarantees that he’s got a huge penis, which is right up there with Nixon desperately claiming: “I am not a crook”. Any guy who feel the need to defend