Definition of “Trumping”

Urban Dictionary has some pretty interesting definitions of the term “trumping”:

Urban Dictionary%20 Trumping

The top definition seems to be:

When you hook up with a girl, sneak out after she falls asleep, and have a friend who is dressed fully in a suit (or tux) replace you.  When she wakes up next morning, the friend must look her in the eye, point at her, and say “You’ve been Trumped, bitch”.  His testicles may, or may not, be exposed at this point.

Urban Dictionary Trumping 2

The second definition:

To openly articulate your ignorance in a loud manner; to act like an asshole.

Urban Dictionary Trumping 3

Third definition:

The act of farting, during anal sex, usually caused by air which has been pushed into the rectum via a vigorous seeing-to.

Urban Dictionary Trumping 4

Fourth definition:

Making a claim or offering an opinion on a subject for which you have absolutely no experience or knowledge; Talking out of your ass.  Derived from the surname “Trump” for obvious reasons.  Always capitalized to distinguish from the homonym “trumping”.

Urban Dictionary Trumping 5

Fifth definition:

Spewing a large amount of word vomit, in order to prove that you are as big of an asshole as everyone think you are.

Urban Dictionary Trumping 6

Sixth definition:

The act of rimming while blowing air into someone’s anus as if it’s a tuba.

Urban Dictionary Trumping 7

And finally the seventh definition:

The act of constructing a large wall for defensive purposes.

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