Donald Trump revokes Washington Post’ press credentials

Dumb Donald Trump just tweeted:

This tweet is somewhat unusual in that it is incomplete but merely links to a Facebook post:

Donald J. Trump fb

Dumb Donald Trump loves to play the bully.  He low to show his followers that he is in control of everything.  The thing that is somewhat baffling is that the press is what made Donald Trump.  Without the press – including this humble site – sucking up every word (and remember – he has the best of them) that he utter, Donald Trump would have been absolutely nothing – zero, nada, zilch.

What is even more important here is that a free and uncontrolled press is the very foundation of a democracy.  By trying to control the press, Donald Trump show us exactly what he is and how his presidency would be.  This is not the way to make America great – it is a straight approach to bomb America back into the stone age.

Donald J. Trump realDonaldTrump Twitter

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