Dumb Donald Trump defends his flip-flop on Libya

Donald Trump, Libya, Gaddafi, Tripoli, political cartoon
Donald Trump, Libya, Khadaffy, Tripoli, political cartoon

On Jun 5. 2016, Dumb Donald was interviewed on CBS “Face the Nation”

While we have pointed out his flip-flop on Libya before, his reaction in this interview is noteworthy.  First he denies – with a surprised look on his face – that he had ever supported intervention in Libya, but then when faced with his own video blog, he completely switches track and start babbling about how he made a lot of money on Gaddafi.

At the end, he sort of admits, that he was supporting surgical military intervention (which is what was carried out), but that he does not support the result and therefor in hindsight feel he has the right to blame and ridicule the military intervention that actually took place.

What makes this completely bizarre is that Dumb Donald Trump end up defending the exact action taken by the Obama administration and the United Nations but then admitting the result was a disaster.  In other words, he is actually defending the exact opposite opinion than the one he himself claim (whichever version).


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