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    Donald J. Dumb

    Well, there are a number of reasons. The first was the simple fact that we came across this domain on Godaddy and we were a bit surprised that it was available. Calling Donald Trump Donald Dumb is a pretty obvious misspelling for someone who want to ridicule Donald Trump, so assuming Donald Trump has got a team of people working on his public image, snatching up this domain should have been an obvious job for them.

    More importantly, Donald Trump is obviously a horrible human being and we are quite frankly scared what will happen should be become president. Listening to his crazy rants is quite amusing up to a point, and that point is when this lunatic actually become President of the United States. That simply must not happen and if this site can make just one voter realise that he or she was about to cast their vote on an absolute utter clown, then it has been worth it.

    Lastly, since we got ads here, the site actually turn a profit, and we find it quite amusing that Donald Trump is working for us – for free. As long as he keep doing stupid things, we will keep getting traffic on this site.

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