I have a question well 2 for that matter. What would you think will happen after 4 years of Trumps presidency? And what would happen if Trump find this blog? (P.s I love your blog it’s amazing.)

I don’t think he’ll last 4 years. That’s not hyperbole or some unrealistic prophecy – it’s a grounded prediction based on how unstable his administration has proven to be in just 150 days. I’m not entirely sure how things are going to pan out… is he going to be impeached? idk. Is he going to voluntarily step down? idk. Is his party going to pick away at his “responsibilities” so he becomes an even more useless figurehead than he is now? idk. Only time will tell… but I’m pretty confident it’ll be before the 4 years are up. 

With that said, this isn’t a hopeful thing… as terrible as Trump is, it’s his administration, staff, and supporters who prop him up and facilitate his decisions. If/when Trump is out of the picture, we still have an entire population of people to confront. That’s why we have to broaden our focus and think big picture – I know I post a lot about Trump specifically but it’s his agenda (an agenda shared by many) that we have to dismantle, not any one guy.

Anyways, to your 2nd question: all I can say is, thank god for the first amendment amiright?

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