John Oliver disect Donald Trump’s comments on Brexit

Of course John Oliver couldn’t and wouldn’t leave Donald Trump alone after he commented on the British referendum on leaving the EU.

The primary interest was Donald Trump’s reply to a question from a journalists asking for his thoughts on Britain leaving the EU:

I think it is going to end up being a great thing and a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing is, your people have taken the country back, and there is something very very nice about that, and they voted, and it’s been peaceful and it was strong and very contentious and in many respects, I watched last night and it was a little bit ugly, but it’s been an amazing process to watch.

John Oliver, rightfully pointed out that Donald Trump, in making this statement, said absolutely nothing:

First, he said “a brexit is going to be great” which it very likely won’t, then he said the word beautiful three times, then he said “your people have taken the country back” even though he was in Scotland which overwhelmingly voted to remain in EU, then he said “it’s been peaceful”, which it absolutely hasn’t, then he immediately contradicted himself by saying “it’s been contentious and ugly” and then he summed the whole thing up as “amazing”

If he simply had breathed audibly into the microphone the same amount of information would have been conveyed.

John Oliver ends by warning the US that the same thing can happen in US and there will be “no fucking do-overs”.



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