John Oliver trashing Donald Dumb

John Oliver exposes Donald Trump on his “Last Week Tonight” show.

A few of the more brilliant remarks:

At this point, Donald Trump is America’s back mole.  It may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that it has gotten frighteningly bigger, it is no longer wise to ignore it.


There is a part of me that even likes this guy.  It is a part of me I hate, but it is a part of me…..

and …

Donald Trump can seem appealing until you take a closer look.  Much like the lunch buffet at a strip club.

Lemurand …

… and I am not even sure he knows his line. I think hee just doesn’t care what the truth is. Donald Trump use the truth like this lemur use the supreme court vacancy: “I don’t care about that in any way, please fuck off, I have a banana.”

and …

“I am rich, therefore I tell the truth”, have the same internal logic as: “I am a vegan, therefore I know karate.”  There is no cause and effect between those two, and the correlation usually goes the other way.

And the claims:

Politifact rated 76 % of Donald Trump’s claims as mostly false, false or pants on fire.

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