Larry Flynt offer to verify Donald Trump’s penis size

Donald Trump Small Penis Painting - censored
Censored/pixelated version.

In a letter, Hustler’s infamous Larry Flynt, have offered to verify Donald Trump’s claim that he is well hung.


For Immediate Release

(March 4, 2016 – Beverly Hills, CA) HUSTLER Founder and Chairman Larry Flynt has released the following letter to GOP Presidential contender Donald Trump:

Dear Mr. Trump,

The credibility of your entire campaign for the Republican presidential nomination hangs in the balance on the basis of one all important issue: the size of your penis.

This issue has been put on the agenda, not by your opponents, not by an inquiring press corps, and not by any of your former wives or mistresses. You yourself raised this issue in the GOP presidential debate on March 3rd. You said: “He (Senator rubio) referred to my hands‐‐’if they’re small, something else must be small.’ I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee.”

So far we only have your word that you have a huge penis. But there has been no objective authority who has made a verification of your claim.

I am making you an offer that you must not refuse if anyone is to believe you. I have a team of doctors ready today to conduct the examination required to confirm your boast. If you reject this offer, I can only conclude that you are not the man you say you are and that your bragging about your penis size is as fraudulent as Trump University.

Please contact me immediately.


Larry Flynt #####

Larry Flynt have also produced a porn parody showing “the American people what Donald Trump would do to America”.  Here is an interview with Flynt discussing the parody:

Interestingly, Flynt said that he had great trouble casting the porn parody because: “most actors who do videos for hustler are well endowed, so it was hard to find one appropriately sized” and later “we need to recognize that he (Donald Trump) is a clown and treat him accordingly.”

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