NY State residents, please be aware that on Election Day (11/7), the BACK of the ballot will have a referendum to vote on convening a NY Constitutional Convention. Placing it on the back of the ballot was a DELIBERATE move.

If it passes, it could be a disaster for ALL CURRENT AND FORMER NY State (including state, city, county, town, village and school district) public employees (police officers, firefighters, corrections officers, teachers, sanitation workers, teaching aides, librarians, bus drivers, lunch aides, highway workers, board of elections, etc.) who could stand to lose a great deal, including part or all of their pensions or medical benefits (even those who have already retired), that they were promised in return for their commitment to their careers in public service.

If you love anyone that is currently, or has ever been a NY public employee, please TURN YOUR BALLOT OVER and vote “NO”.

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