Ahh, yes, the “withhold foreign aid to get an investigation” treaty. I’m actually very familiar with it. Did you know it’s actually very similar to the treaties signed with Russia and China? Those were the “investigate the Bidens because Ukraine can’t do it anymore” treaties. They give me the power to ask them to investigate the Bidens as well. And you’re never gonna believe the name of the treaty that gives me the power to ask North Korea to investigate senator warren


You mean, as per a treaty signed in 1999 which was written by the guy who President Trump is asking for help on?


pa·tri·ot (American English)



1. A person who does not approve of the president asking a foreign country to investigate his/her election opponents

2. A person who calls for the removal of the president after he/she asks a foreign government to investigate his/her election opponents

But don’t worry!!!! This isn’t an infringement on our elections for my personal benefit, it’s actually how I fight corruption!

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