People who are allowed to attend depositions for the impeachment inquiry: Republican and democrat members of the six committees (the Financial Services, Judiciary, Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Reform, and Ways and Means) that Nancy Pelosi tasked with investigating the president

People who are NOT allowed to attend: literally everybody else. Literally. Not me, not you, not any other member of Congress, not the president, literally nobody else

Just to clarify: both the Republican and Democrat members of these committees are in attendance. Anyone who claims that republicans are “shut out” is referring to everybody that is not on one of the committees tasked with investigating the president. These depositions are gathered in secret because they will be used as evidence for articles of impeachment. Once they are done interviewing witnesses, all testimonies will be released to the full house for a vote on articles of impeachment, which will then be sent to the senate for trial

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