Mueller: found hundreds of contacts between trump campaign and Russian officials. Documented 10 instances of obstruction of justice. “This report does not exonerate the president”.

Republicans: what about the fisa abuse? What about the illigal spying? What about the two Clinton/Obama/soros plants that worked for mueller? That’s what’s truly important here


What republicans are concerned about: who started the investigation? How did they investigate? Were info gathering methods legal? Who was involved in the investigation?

What republicans are not concerned about: the results of the investigation

House intelligence committee: found a conspiracy involving multiple high ranking government officials attempting to extort a foreign ally into investigating a political rival of the president. Multiple witnesses have testified to the presidents involvement and corroborated key facts of the conspiracy.

Republicans: who is the whistleblower? How did they file their complaint? Where’s the due process? How did they obtain phone records? What does Adam Schiff know about the whistleblower?

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