Can someone explain what this means?


Democrats: alright we finally did it, Trumps been impeached. Time for a trial in the-

Republicans: lol yeah about that trial. It’s not gonna be fair or anything, we’ve already made up our minds and there’s gonna be like, 0 witnesses

Democrats: oh? Ok then. If that’s the case then I guess we’ll just hold on to these *pockets articles of impeachment*


Our president has been charged with misconduct through the only proccess that is outlined in our constitution (impeachment). The next step in the process is that the president goes on trial. Republicans in the senate, where the trial will take place, have already said they have made up their minds and will vote based on bias. They have stated that it will be a quick trial with no witnesses and a guaranteed vote on acquittal. The democrats, who control the charges, have said that they will not release the charges to the senate until fair rules have been established. Republicans seem shocked by this turn of events

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