Joe Biden can be guilty of obstruction of congress but the president can’t because it’s a “partisan sham” and “exactly what Joe Biden did”



Trump supporters: subpoena the whistleblower! Subpoena the Bidens! Subpoena every one of the democrats so they can testify to THEIR crimes!

The whistleblower: lol nah I’m not gonna come if subpoenaed

The Bidens: lol nah I’m not gonna come if subpoenaed

Trump supporters: BUT THAT’S ILLEGAL!!!

House democrats:

Pretty easy question to answer from here

Is it illigal for both Joe Biden and Donald trump to defy a congressional subpoena?

If the answer is yes, then the articles of impeachment are valid and Donald trump is guilty of contempt of Congress, for ordering his cabinet to defy congressional subpoenas

If the answer is no, then you do not believe in equal treatment under the law

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