I… What? What’s going on over there?


When you thought the Ukraine scandal couldn’t get any more crazy and then you find out that members of our government were planning a hit on a United States ambassador because she knew of their plans

Ok so honestly nobody knows exactly what’s going on here because this all came out like, yesterday, but to summarize:

Rudy Giuliani is the personal attorney to the president, and he was sent to the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe and hunter Biden and pressure their newly elected president to open an investigation into them. Lev Parnas, a client of Rudy Giuliani who was arrested a few months ago for illigal campaign donations to republican senators through a company called (I shit you not) fraud guarantee, released a bunch of his files to the house intelligence committee. In these files were texts exchanged between Lev and a current Connecticut congressional candidate, Robert Hyde. These text messages show that the ousted ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, was being tracked and monitored by people associated with either Lev or Robert

You can read the texts yourself. The language used in them is… disturbing to say the least

We learned in the impeachment inquiry that Marie Yovanovitch was removed from her post because she was in the way of Rudy and Donald’s attempt to bribe the Ukraine. We learned that she was told shortly after Donald trump fired her to basically GTFO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because her personal safety was in jeopardy. She testified in the impeachment inquiry that she felt her life was in danger and that she needed to leave the country for her safety. In the transcript memo of trumps conversation with president Zelensky, trump mentioned that Marie was “going to go through some things”.

So yeah. Pretty fuckin wild.

And I know, this all looks really bad on the surface, but we still don’t know enough of the specifics to make a definitive judgement on their intentions. We still don’t know crucial things like: how much contact did Rudy and Parnas have during this time period? What is Robert Hyde’s involvement? What is the presidents involvement? How many people were involved? How many people knew? What did they know?

But what we can say is that 1) Marie’s fears were legit, her position as a US ambassador put her in danger, 2) there was actually MUCH MORE than we thought going on behind the scenes. If Marie’s actions, and maybe her cell phone or her emails were being tracked, then this means this was a cordinated plot by a group of people and not just coincidence, and 3) Lev Parnas is going to be absolutely crucial to the impeachment process from here on out because he is the connection beteeen all these shady Ukrainians and illigal activity, and members of our federal government up to and including the president.

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