As a Canadian, I’d like confirmation that these photos still shouldn’t be shared. But just in case: signal boost.


So, because I’m not American and don’t know the whole story behind this, it’s still NOT OK to share these photos, right?

I want to be sure that I’m not offending my American friends!


Spread the word!!

Donald trump wants everybody to know that he DOES NOT KNOW LEV PARNAS, and it’s absolutly crucial for him to distance himself from such a shady guy. So, it’s our our duty as patriot loving Americans to let as many people know: STOP SHARING THESE PHOTOS OF THEM TOGETHER! Being associated with such criminals will damage the presidents implacable reputation and make it harder for him to claim innocence, so it’s super important to to stop sharing these photographs!

I think it’s best that the entire world knows not to share these photos, that way Donald trumps incredible reputation around the world stays rock solid

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