You’d think Fox News would relish in the opportunity to play the clips of exonerating testimony nonstop until November, but instead cameras aren’t allowed in the senate during the trial.

Because it’s important to hide how innocent trump truly is


What Mitch McConnell wants: to hide as much evidence as possible and get the trial over with as quickly as possible

What Mitch McConnell does NOT want: wittiness who can testify to the presidents innocence


Pretty crazy how republicans are trying to their hardest to prevent the American people from watching person after person take the stand in the senate trial and tell the entire world that Donald trump is innocent. Wonder why that is?

Just so we’re clear here, everybody knows to hide the proof of their innocence in the dark of night behind closed doors away from the view of as many people as possible. Everybody. It’s basic common practice of every person who’s ever been innocent since the dawn of time

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