Truly thrilled to know that president warren can fight corruption and set United States foreign policy, otherwise her asking Saudi Arabia to investigate Mitch McConnell would be kinda sketchy. Luckily, she did it right and withheld all the sanctions she said she would slap on them if they refused to investigate corruption


The year is 2022, president Bernie Sanders just asked Venezuela to open a criminal investigation of Donald trump, using hundreds of millions of tax doallars as leverage to secure the investigation. Republicans are furious, because speaker of the house Adam Schiff refuses to do anything about it, citing the trump impeachment trial as precedent. President sanders calls a press conference to announce he is doing this “in the best intrest of the country”. America is great again

“Haha I don’t understand the ramifications of trumps acquittal and champion the eroding of our democracy to own the libs #maga”

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