Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch during the 2016 elections: a highly treasonous attempt by Barack Obama to use the Clinton’s as his back channel to his attorney general, who can attack trump with a politically charged, lawless, and baseless investigation designed to sabotage his chances at presidency and use the powers of the department of justice for personal reasons

Trump tweeting about roger stone being treated unfairly, and then his department of justice recommending a reduced sentence just hours after the tweet: it’s called making America great again

Just so we’re clear, the husband to Obama’s former Secretary of State meeting with the current attorney general was enough to set off alarm bells with conservatives, making them think Obama was weponizing the DOJ to his personal benefit.

Here we have trump congratulating his attorney general on twitter for intervening in the case of his long time friend and business associate, roger stone

I think it’s worth repeating that this is not normal

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