What a bunch of fake info to satisfy your support to blame Trump. Your alive to have your freedom of speech because of Trump. They traced it to a farm animal decomposed, fed yo pigs. If your due a stimulus check, you’d already have it if Nancy didn’t keep holding it off, sticking things to be funded that was unacceptable.

If your version was true. Sounds like China purposely started a virus. Which is not true. Instead of spending time pointing fingers, why don’t you volunteer like most of us, helping others?


It’s the newest development in the plot to blame China for the United States failure to act quickly and control the spread of coronavirus


“The virus originated in a lab in Wuhan, so this is all China’s fault”

The Wuhan lab did not:

• dismantle the US pandemic response team

• cut CDC funding

• say we have one person coming in from China, and that we have it totally under control

• constantly downplay the severity of the virus until mid March

• fail to listen to intelligence agencies that said the coronavirus could have the impact it has

• refuse WHO tests so that the CDC could develop their own

• golf for the entire month of February

• say that we have 15 cases and that it’s gonna drop to 0

• refuse to issue a national lockdown order

• call the coronavirus the new media hoax

• have a nationwide lack of testing

China may be at fault for the origin of the virus, but don’t let anyone convince you it’s China’s fault the US government failed the response. It is NOT China’s fault that our government refused to address this pandemic earlier rather than later. It’s trumps.

“Your alive to have your freedom of speech because of Trump”

Did you even read what you wrote before writing it? It’s incomprehensible and illogical

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