I work in a UK surgery and early march the information we had was basically that it was a Flu like virus and that it may not reach flu levels but to still be careful with distancing. Thats what I would tell people and I would emphasise that whilst they still needed to be careful, they needed not to panic. Less that 20 days later and the entire situation had escalated, our surgery was closed to patients, the doctors wore full PPE and half the staff was isolating.

The speed of the new information and the exponential growth of the virus has silenced many of those Flu Season people because its obviously no longer like anything in our lifetime.

Stay safe, wash your hands people and most importantly, social distance.


During an average year, roughly 30,000-60,000 Americans are killed by the flu.

At the current rate of approx. 2,000 COVID-19 deaths per day, we will hit the high average of flu season deaths (60,000) in 30 days.

That is an entire flu season worth of deaths.

In one month.

Where’s my “it’s just the flu” crowd at??

See, over here in America the virus has yet to impact rural communities to the extent which it has impacted metro areas. Rural areas tend to be more conservative; and, ultimately, more likely to be trump supporters. Trump supporters are more likely to be susceptible to far-right wing media, and far-right wing media (like OANN) is still convinced that the coronavirus is nothing but overblown media hype. There are millions of Americans who listen to these news networks and radio show hosts tell them everyday that the coronavirus is “just the flu” and that everybody is overreacting to it. And as a result there are still millions of Americans that believe them.

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