The president of the United States walks into a bar. Bartender turns to him and says, “what can I get for ya?”. The president says, “give me your most expensive drink”. Bartender thinks about it for a second before mixing up a drink and handing it to the president. “This is the Donald Trump,” he says, “it is the most expensive drink I have”. The president, impressed by the bartender’s decision, takes a sip. “YUCK!!!” he says, spitting out the drink, “what’s in this thing?”. The bartender motions to the drink. "It’s half Russian vodka, half urine, topped with orange whipped cream and pinch of gold flakes”. The president, no longer interested in the drink, pulls out his wallet. “Well, how much does it cost?” he asks. The bartender smiles and looks at the president.

"One country’s sanity”

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