Trump supporters: Robert mueller hasn’t proven anything besides the fact Donald trump’s campaign manager had been engaging in criminal activity for 10 years and is now in prison for the rest of his life. Total witch hunt!

Yes, Maga! My only question is whether all these very, very vocal Democrats the camera Hog’s, I shouldn’t have to point out anyone of them I’m pretty sure we the people see you every day! Now I wonder if we the people start a petition to have these very, very vocal ones the Camera Hog’s, Why can’t we the people have Them investigated, Have them looked over with a fine tooth comb,Believe me we would most likely wind up with a lot of people going to jail, Why are they going at President Trump? I’ll tell you why They can’t come up with nothing more than an affair That happened years ago, That’s if it ever happened at all! Thats weak . This scares them because all any of us have to do is Follow the money! I’m pretty sure we’re backing a fighter, What does he already have on most of you? We the people see.

This is either a badly programmed Russian bot or president trump himself and I can’t for the life of me figure out which one it is

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