I’ve got options

•Option 1: fire mueller and hope for the best. Quickest but riskiest option

•Option 2: testify to mueller, and if truly innocent have nothing to worry about. This is the option which would end the investigation the quickest without the legal headache

•Option 3: don’t testify to mueller and avoid the potential of incriminating myself. The downside is the investigation would last longer and potentially include a subpoena for my testimony

•Option 4: use Twitter to convince my supporters half the United States government is corrupt and conspiring against me with liberal globalists who are also pawns of Hillary and Obama, who planted people I hired on to my campaign so they could open up a baseless and illegal investigation into me and my campaign. Then use Twitter to discredit any and all findings of the investigation and convince a third of the country that what I say is true and anything else is false

Personally, I think option 4 makes the most sense

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