IN THIS CORNER! Weighing in at a staggering, literally unbelievable 230 pounds, he’s the master of deals, the king of debt, and half his campaign staff has an inmate ID number, DONALD TRUMP!

And in the other corner! Weighing in at 140 pounds, she’s a former speaker of the house, a deep, deep state operative whose the leader of the globalist/socialist/soros/elitist/bezos/crooked dems, and she once gave Hillary Clinton a high five, NANCY PELOSI!!!!

This is a 12 round fight in and for the Oval Office. No busts, drapes, books, or pens may be used as weapons. The winner will be determined by whoever’s name is mentioned the most on Fox News the next day. Each fighter is allotted three tag-in’s to either VP Mike Pence or senate majority leader Mitch McConnell

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