I’m just gonna go ahead and bullet our presidents’ train of thought while writing these two tweets:

•all these plane crashes are caused by technology

•therefore, airplanes are too complex to fly

•for example, we no longer need pilots

•because planes are basically flown by MIT engineers

•these MIT pilot engineers do too much technology

•they are wasting their time because we need pilots to fly these airplanes

•the best ever pilots

•these pilots have to be so good they are geniuses

•geniuses like Albert Einstein

•who, by the way, was a horrible pilot

•but he could figure out all this technology

•just like all these world-class pilots we have

•pilots I want there to override this technology that is causing planes to drop out of the sky

It actually makes sense. It boils down to this:

Planes have become too reliant on technology rather than the trained gut instincts of a good pilot.

Or even shorter: Fucking nerds.

Look I’m no aviation expert but I do know that:

•technological advances have allowed the aviation industry to be literally the safest form of travel on the planet. You are thousands of times more likely to die in a car crash than an airplane crash

•anytime a plane crash happens, the entire industry learns from the mistakes, and changes them so it doesn’t happen again. For 50+ years, accidents have provided necessary changes to engineering, procedures, flight controllers, and ever other aspect of the industry. These changes improve the safety standard of the industry and prevent the same accidents from happening again.

•As I write this, Boeing and the NTSB are evaluating the causes of the two most recent crashes, and after their investigation is complete they will update their training procedures, their engineering faults, and whatever else necessary to make sure this type of crash never happens again

•technology does not prevent flight. That’s literally not how flight works. Technology enables flight, but is not the reason a plane cannot fly. The sentence “airplanes are becoming too complex to fly” is utter nonsense

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