It’s super important to let everyone know Donald trump hates it when you talk about the $25 billion he was offered for the wall last year, because he rejected it and only got $1.3 billion this year. He HATES IT, so I’m reminding everyone we should never discuss this with him or any of his supporters ever again. I think we owe it to the greatest president ever by spreading the word so everyone knows DO NOT DISCUSS the $25 billion Donald was offered for the wall last year because it would destroy his stigma of being a deal maker. REMEBER, DO NOT TALK ABOUT THAT AT ALL

Lets talk about this. Especially when you are obviously deluded into thinking Dump is a good president

No no no NO NO the entire point of the first post was to remind people that we SHOULDN’T talk about how Donald trump is a horrid deal maker who couldn’t get Mexico to pay for the wall, rejected full funding from congress, then resorted to shutting down the government (which didn’t work) and THEN declarled a national emergency to circumvent congress and force tax payers to pay for the wall he said Mexico would pay for!!! Why would any self respecting American want to discuss THAT?

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