Seen a lot of people saying “trump wasn’t found guilty of collusion therefore he cannot have committed obstruction of justice” and I just wanna put it out there that this statement is 100% false

Obstruction of justice is not determined by the guilt of an underlying crime. Obstruction of justice is determined by whether or not a person obstructed a legal investigation or the judicial process.

If person A is under investigation for a theft they did not commit and the court finds that they paid person B to testify on their behalf, both person A and person B have obstructed justice because they have interfered with the judicial process of determining guilt.

The same can be said in trumps situation. It was found that there was insufficient evidence to prove a broad conspiracy between him and Russia to intervene in the 2016 elections. He is not guilty of collusion.

His actions towards the investigation, however, such as firing James comey and asking his attorney general to fire the investigator, amount to an interference in the judicial process. This is obstruction of justice, and it is completely unrelated to whether or not he colluded with Russia.

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