Chant ideas for the next rally (for a totally not racist crowd)

•Jews will not replace us!

•Ban all Muslims!

•Send her back!

•Illigals are not human!

Tbh i think its a poor assumption to assume someone is racist based on their followers. Like racists think hes racists and he says he disagrees with them. Hell he got the Ellis award from Rosa Freakin Parks for helpin the community. As a black conservative ill stand by him lol

Luckily, I don’t have a history of racism or racist remarks! Every time I’ve said I’m not racist I was telling the truth, 100%. I’m like, the Abe Lincoln of the 21st century- I never lie, especially when it comes to racism. In fact, I would even say I’ve done even more for the black community than Abe ever did. Have you seen the pictures I have with all these black people? They love me so much, they’re all smiling and laughing. I have plenty of black friends. I love the blacks. Just check out my African American right over there!

Black Unemployment sky rocketed after Obama left the white house

Won an Ellis Award From Rosa Park for increasing jobs in the black community

36% of his voters were black and with the silent majority it quite possibly would have been 40%(the 36% coming from CNN and MSNBC)

Also just an add on. Saying if they dont like it here they can leave isn’t racist. Its like fashion. Dont lik3 it? Fack off then

If it wasnt obvious he doesnt want to be associated with Neo Nazis and Racists but Racists think he is a racist and thats the issue. Both Racists and Anti Trumpers twist him into looking bad

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