@cnnpolitics stop with the “Trump hostile takeover” of the GOP. A political party is it’s members and voters, not your DC pals and GOP National Party Leadership.


Sarah Palin said it best, “We’re mad ‘cause we’ve been had!” when referring to party leadership and past GOP administrations.

The party openly hated John McCain – only the media recoiled at Trump’s “like guys who haven’t been captured” comments. Republicans rallied to Trump from the beginning – a guy who actively ran against what the party hacks have been selling for decades. Even the so-called Evangelicals chose Trump over their own (Ted Cruise, Ben Carson, Huckabee, etc )!

Trump never pretended to be a “conservative.” He never pretended to be a redeemed sinner – he openly embraced his life choices saying he never needed forgiveness. He campaigned openly for expanding the “entitlements” of Medicare, Social Security and even healthcare for all. He explicitly said women who have abortions should be prosecuted.

At least stop pretending that the Paul Ryan’s are the Republican party. He’s a guy elected in one district who got himself elected by just over 200 politicians just like him.

@donald-trump-official was elected by hundreds of millions of actual voters. And, he enjoys one of the highest rates of support of self-identified Republican voters in history!

I couldn’t have said it better myself! “I’m The republican party; it’s who yhe party’s been all along!” Abraham Lincoln himself said in his diary that he grabbed women by the pussy daily because he was just as rich and famous as I am. Ronald Reagan had his charity shut down because he was also using it as a slush fund. And we can’t forget Bush Sr., who made fun of a retard- I mean, mentally disabled person, (stupid political correctness, not that they know)- on national TV.

Everyone knows i represents the party of fiscal conservatism and freeing the slaves, which is why I got not just hundreds of million votes last election, but exactly 400,329,831 votes! Trump 2020!!!!

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