All I ask. Is for politics to be boring again. Please. I’m so tired of having to care about shit like this

And like. I get that I shouldn’t really care about whether or not Donald trump knows how to use an umbrella, or that his campaign is selling branded sharpies, or the thousands and thousands of other stupid things Donald trump has said and done since taking office.

But when I say “make politics boring” I’m not just talking about all the stupid stuff he’s done in office. I’m also talking about the severely abnormal political conduct which trump has used to govern.

I’m talking about sharing a classified satellite picture of an Iranian missile site on twitter. Im talking about his currently empty cabinet. I’m talking about his regular assult on the media and private citizens. I’m talking about the 10 instances that could merit obstruction of justice. I’m talking about campaign finance violations. I’m talking about using his private properties while being the president. (I could go on and on and on and..)

These kinds of things are not your average “boring” politics, nor should they be treated at such. It’s not “boring” to know the white house has gone through three press secretaries and hasn’t given a daily press confrence in 6 months. It’s alarming. It’s dangerous. It’s a sign that our government is not operating as it should be at the highest level. And that should scare everyone.

So please, in 2020, let’s Make Politics Boring Again. Not just so we can stop worrying about umbrella-gate and covfefe, but because boring politics means our government is actually working the way it should be, and not however the hell donald trump is running things.

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