Nobody has said anything about alligators, they’re not even from America. You’re fake news


Will it only be crocodiles or are there going to be alligators as well


Don’t worry, we will only use American crocodiles who have been properly and throughly vetted and can legally work in the United States


How can we be sure immigrant crocodiles don’t get over and blend with the patriodiles?


Ok so we’ve got the wall. Big, beautiful, safe for everybody. And people keep saying, “but what if they go over it” and I get that. There’s a chance- a very, very, small, almost nonexistent chance that someone could climb the wall. So one day I said, “hey? What if we just put crocodiles on our side of the wall? Just in case, you know?” and everybody looked at me like I was crazy- not, like, the bad kind of crazy, but the “he just had a really good thought” kind of crazy, and all I said was- we just need to dig ourselves a trench and fill it with alligators, so if anyone gets over they won’t make it far. And my guys- great people, by the way, perfect all day every day- my guys are actually looking into it. We’re really looking into it and believe me, it’s a serious option. A very serious option. Not nearly as expensive as you’d think, too. Most of the time the crocodiles don’t even have to be moved that far from their homes

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