That’s not remotely accurate


Trump supporters: impeachment is just a giant distraction by the democrats who are scared of being exposed of their corruption, these “whistleblowers” are CIA deep state operatives planted by the Obama administration to fabricate a transcript of trump rooting out the globalist elite corruption network that is funded by Soros and Hillary Clinton, whose ultimate goal is to complete the shadow coup on our duly elected president and install their own globalist puppet WHEN IN FACT they are the ones crapping their pants scared because trump has finally exposed their corruption with the declassified IG report and now they are forced to impeach him to prevent the knowledge from becoming public even though impeachment will expose them of their crimes eventually leading to their arrest and trumps re-election #maga

You’re right, the Bidens weren’t even mentioned

See, Hunter Biden worked at a company that was ran by a 2nd half cousin of Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warrens secret, bastard child, together they founded a multi-billion dollar tax haven/slush fund that was used to bribe foreign diplomats into hiring hitmen to kill off all the witness to their corruption spree, and once that was complete they were free to transfer billions into the Joe Biden led H.R 712 which granted the democrats immunity from FBI surveillance and only passed the senate because Barack Obama blackmailed Mitch McConnell and threatened to have him investigated for pizza gate, which of course was run by Clinton and Soros and was the jumping off point for impeachment and the current shadow coup that our president is facing #Q

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