Some shit that went down today, November 13th, 2017: Day 299

AG Jeff Sessions testifies before the House Judiciary Committee, says he did not lie about contacts with Russian officials.Senate Foreign Relations Committee discusses whether the military could refuse a presidential command to launch nuclear weapons. …

How Congress allied with drug company lobbyists to derail the DEA’s war on opioids

How Congress allied with drug company lobbyists to derail the DEA’s war on opioids: For all the political rhetoric, nothing has been done about our nations opioid epidemic. This is why.


The House of Representatives is scheduled for Congressional Recess from July 29th through September 5th, and the Senate is scheduled for recess from August 7th through September 5th. This time is allotted for Members of Congress to work and engage with constituents in the states and districts they represent. It is also the perfect time for them to hold public town halls and hear the concerns of their constituents live and in person.

Your representatives work for you: you should have regular opportunities to discuss their positions, the platforms of their parties, and how their legislative agendas will affect you and those close to you. Town halls are a critical tool for holding representatives accountable for their actions and ensuring that these men and women, who spend much of their time outside of their home states, are hearing the needs and concerns of their constituents in person.

Call your reps and find out where/when your town hall will be, then reblog with that info so others can reference. If a rep refuses to hold a town hall, put them on blast and consider an in-office meeting to discuss your concerns. A database is being created, though incomplete, take a look here