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Last I checked, McCain was still in limbo between support/against TrumpCare. Will be interesting to see if his stance shifts. My thoughts go out to his family.

Regardless of your Party affiliation, John McCain is an American Patriot, and Hero, who was TORTURED as a POW.

Show some class @resistdrumpf  I am a Democrat, and believe respect should be given to Mr. McCain.

This is not a time to politicize Cancer, how disgusting of you!

Also, my Father has Cancer, and my Great Aunt died from it.  So FOR SHAME to shout Political rhetoric while this man, who’s served our Country, is trying to survive.

I am completely disgusted by people on tumblr that cannot be respectful of others.

He deserves his Insurance, the man worked his ass off for all these years, and suffered.

Why shouldn’t we make a political statement out of it. You know damn well that they are. They already have for years. Cancer is horrible and nobody who gets it deserves it. But people have used cancer for excuses, money and politics. Don’t act like it started now.

Did I ask your ass?


And since my FATHER has it, I don’t give ten fucks about your opinion.  I am watching him get sicker and sicker.  

Be a dick somewhere else.

By commenting on a public post, you included yourself into a public discussion so @bloggoofrandomness has every right to respond to you.

With that said, I feel 0 shame. I am sorry for your personal experience with cancer. I too have close family and friends whose lives have been derailed by the disease (honestly, who hasn’t?) but the point is John McCain is afforded every fighting chance to overcome this incredible struggle (& I sincerely hope he does) and while in a position to allow others the SAME fighting chance, he has chosen not to act (or worse, act against). He will always be a celebrated war hero but a champion for all Americans, he is not.