Real Time with Bill Maher: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Donald Trump

He’s the small-handed son of an orangutan running for the highest office in the land. Donald Trump reveals fun facts to Us magazine.

Donald Trump Interpreting Numbers

Wow! So many people are saying they’ve never seen anything like my presidential campaign. Historic numbers! Amazing! — DonaId J. Trump (@realDenaldTrump) June 20, 2016 Hmmm, we can’t really figure out what got Dumb Donald Trump that excited.  All

Dumb Donald Trump still can’t spell

I guess perhaps this is a consequence of being surrounded by “yes” people who wouldn’t dare pointing out mistakes, but seriously? One would have thought that at least one of Donald’s staff should have pointed out how to spell “teleprompter”. On

Another list of idiotic quotes from Donald Trump

Why aren’t we smart? We used to be brilliant. The main reason is that politicians in general want their population to be stupid.  Donald Trump himself tweeted at some point: “I love the poorly educated”. Part of the beauty of