Tell the Senate to Protect Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments and Americans’ Access to Affordable Care!

The “skinny” bill got a big fat NO thanks to the trail blazed by two moderate Republican senators, but it’s not over yet. White House aides have made it clear that Trump is prepared to eliminate cost-sharing reduction payments in order to bully senators into passing a health care bill. Kellyanne Conway says that the President will decide this week whether or not to continue Obamacare payments to insurers. Your senators need to be reminded that they work for you, not for POTUS. Tell them to join Senator Susan Collins as she once again stands up and speaks out against the administration’s attempt to play politics with hardworking Americans’ access to care.

Before You Call: Look up the name of your senator’s health care staffer here and take a moment to learn more about what cost-sharing reduction payments are and why they’re important. CSRs help low-income Americans afford insurance premiums. The government pays a portion of their costs directly to insurers. If these payments stop, insurers won’t get financial assistance for the costs they’re incurring, which is likely to result in a) insurers pulling out of the market or b) raising premiums to recoup costs.

Script: Hi, I’m a constituent from [CITY, ZIP] calling about health care. I’d like to share some of my opinions on health care policy, which is my highest priority issue as a voter. I would like to speak to a legislative assistant who works on health care, can you connect me [to NAME, if you have one. PAUSE for the assistant to come on the line].

If You’re Speaking to a Republican: Hello, I’m calling to urge Senator [NAME] to let go of the repeal and replace agenda and instead focus on bipartisan health care reform in regular legislative order. I realize President Trump is pressuring Republicans to pass a bill and threatening to withhold cost-sharing reduction payments if they don’t. I’m appalled by that and I hope Senator [NAME] is, too. I think any and all health care reform needs to be done through the democratic process, so please urge Senator [NAME] to immediately speak out against the President’s threats and work to pass legislation to stabilize the insurance market and make sure that the cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers are fully funded. We can’t afford to let the President play politics with millions of Americans’ access to affordable health care. This issue is my top priority as a voter because [SHARE YOUR STORY], and I urge Senator [NAME] to address it immediately. Thanks so much for taking my call.

If You’re Speaking to a Democrat: Hello, I’m calling to thank Senator [NAME] for voting NO on the repeal and replace bill; I am so relieved to have a senator who supports affordable access to health care. I’m very concerned about the President’s threats to end cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers in order to sabotage the ACA. Trump’s ultimatums underscore the need for Congress to pass legislation that ensures funding for these payments. I’m counting on Senator [NAME] to do whatever it takes legislatively and publicly to get this done as well as publicly commit to bipartisan reform efforts! Thanks so much for taking my call. 


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