Trump is like Mussolini with a 3-inch dick


The Daily Beast has got a quite interesting interview with Hustler founder Larry Flynt.  The interview goes into some general issues such as the free speech and misogyny, but it also touches Donald Trump, and Flynt’s insight is canny.

Some Dumb Donald Trump related highlights from the Interview:

Trump has offended about every group he can except white men. The only difference between Trump and Cruz is Trump just says all this crap but Cruz believes it—and that’s what makes him so dangerous.


There’ve been other people in history that have been a lot like Trump. I just watched a documentary about Mussolini and it’s uncanny the resemblance they have, not only in their speech but their whole persona. Trump controls what I call the low-information voters, the low-hanging fruit. I think very few intelligent people are going to be voting for Donald Trump.


I definitely think there’s a lot of truth there. Not necessarily in relation to a man’s fingers, but the kind of cars he drives and the kind of buildings he builds, it all has to do with trying to compensate maybe for a lack of manhood. Trump’s probably got a three-inch dick.

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