Trump Rape Charges Just Won’t Go Away


Jill Harth filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump in 1998 but subsequently went silent on the matter.  Now, she finally breaks her silence in a one hour interview with The Guardian.

Standing alone, this interview might not seem all that ground breaking.  But combined with all the other stories that have emerged it pains a pretty grim picture of Donald Trump being a misogynistic and abusive person.

Back in June, a woman filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump, claiming he violently raped her when she was 13 years old.  We have mentioned this story on several occasions:

Trump’s New York child rape lawsuit


Donald Trump Child Rape Case is Credible

It is also a well known fact that Trump’s ex wife Ivanka Trump accused him of rape during their divorce proceedings.

Finally, we have before touched Donald Trump’s apparent general acceptance of rape, in this article:

Trump’s acceptance of rape

Here is The Guardian’s full interview:

The full transcript of the interview is here:

Jill Harth Donald Trump Rape Interview – Full Transcript


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