Trump – the friend that you do not want (or: Friend from Hell)

cufflinksAccording to several sources, Donald Trump has for years been giving fake, Trump branded jewelry as personal gifts.

The first to report this was Charlie Sheen on a UK TV show (video below).

Apparently, Donald Trump pulled the same stunt on his pitbull lawyer Roy Cohn.  According to New York Times, Trump gave Cohn a pair of diamon-encrusted cuff links and buttons in a box from famed jeweler Bulgari.  Cohn’s partner, Peter Fraser, who inherited the items, said he later had them appraised, and they turned out to be knock-offs.

Trump does market his own line of cuff links through his “Donald J. Trump Signature Collection.  Made of “metal from China” they go for as little as $39.99. Donald J. Trump Signature Collection Cufflinks Other Products Everything Else

Charlie Sheen explained his wedding gift from Donald Trump like this:

Now, we know that Charlie Sheen have been going through some pretty rough times, but he appears remarkably sober and coherent in this video. Here is the transcript:

I would say, I am slightly surprised about Pierce Morgan doing it, cause he, I don’t know if you know this, but he is a big Donald Trump supporter.

And I know that you are not a fan

I am really not, no, I am reminded of a time, ahem, about five years ago.

I was at a dinner with my ex wife, brought her family and this and that

About half way through, I noticed Donald staring at my watch.

And, so he started saying, I am sorry I wasn’t invited to your wedding, this and that

I am sorry – I can’t make your wedding (not if I ever invited you)

So, so he say, I want to give you an early wedding gift as a gesture from me and Melania

And she doesn’t say a word, she is very sweet and very pretty, but she just kind of sits there – you know

Ah, anywho, so he says, these are platinum diamond Harry Winston, and he pulls off his cuff links

and he gives them to me. You really shouldn’t be doing this.

No, that is the least I can do, you know, have a great marriage and all that (little did he know)

So, so, about six month later, I had some jewelry getting appraised you know

And, and and I said, you know there’s another couple of pieces that I have, that I am very curious about

Would you mind appraising these.

He said no, what are they?

I said, you know, I explained the dinner, this and that

They are from Donald Trump. Harry Winston, you know, flawless D’s, platinum.

She took the loop, spend about four seconds, and kind of recoiled from it

Much like people do from Trump

And, so she says: In their finest moments, this is cheap pewter, and bad zirconias.

And they are stamped “Trump”

And I just thought: What does this really say about the man, you know, that he say here is like a great wedding gift and it is just a bag of dog shit

Now, is it, is that the laughter I can hear coming from across the pond, at our country about this charlatan?

It’s quite, now listen, it is scary times all over the place

It really is it really is

But you are having very scary times

I have faith that good and descent people will make the right choice and the circus will leave town before it contaminates the oval office.



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