As of Sunday 7/23, the Senate’s health care bill appears destined to die, but we know we can’t take anything for granted in the Trump Era! The Senate is likely to vote Tuesday, but it remains unclear whether they will vote on the House version of the bill, one of the revised versions, or a straight repeal option. It’s our job to step up and speak up to remind them that NONE OF THESE OPTIONS IS ACCEPTABLE.

Though we don’t know what version of the bill they’ll vote on, we do know that we don’t want a bill that:

  • Guts Medicaid, leaving millions of Americans without access to care.
  • Reduces or eliminates subsidies for premiums, leaving millions of Americans unable to afford insurance.
  • Eliminates ACA protections for the elderly or people with pre-existing conditions and/or guts essential health benefits.
  • Gifts the rich will billions of dollars in tax cuts.

Call your senators and SHUT. THIS. ISH. DOWN. Let them know we want them to drop the repeal agenda and instead focus on bipartisan efforts to improve the ACA, making health care affordable for all Americans.

*Look up the name of your GOP senator’s health care legislative assistant here and save it in your phone or write it down for quick reference throughout the week. If you don’t see one listed for your senator, simply ask when you call.

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