Trump’s acceptance of rape

Trump accuses everyone of rape, so here is Trump shaking hands and posing with a convicted rapist.

Donald Trump have a nasty habit of accusing others for rape.  He has gone out of his way to accuse Mexicans of rape and frequently slams Bill Clinton as an accused rapist.

Considering Dumb Donald Trump himself have been been accused of rape on no less than 5 occasions (read about the latest two here and here), this would make Trump quite the hypocrite.

But it goes a lot deeper than that.  Apparently, the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been lining up a roster of sports stars and celebrities to appear at the GOP convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in July.  The list includes former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight and world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Both of these celebrities are somewhat suspect, considering Donald Trump’s own rape charges.

Bobby Knight drew widespread criticism in 1988 for drawing an analogy between dealing with stress and being raped.  Asked by NBC News’s Connie Chung how he handled stress, Bobby Knight replied: “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”

Mike Tyson goes beyond being accused of rape.  Tyson served three years in prison following a 1992 conviction of raping the 18 year old Desiree Washington (at least 18 is a bit older than the 13 year old girl Trump himself is accused of having raped).  At the time of Tyson’s conviction, Trump himself suggested that Tyson should be able to get off by paying “millions and millions” of dollars rather than serving jail time.  Perhaps he was or is anticipating his own rape trial?

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