Why this site

tongueSetting up this Donald Dumb site has been quite an eye opener.  I have been called a “communist”, a “neoliberal” and a “girlie boy” (whatever that is).  I don’t really care about the name calling, but I feel it is necessary to explain clearly why this site is here.

I believe Donald Trump is an idiot.  I think he is a crazy person and while he is – as most crazy persons – somewhat entertaining, the mere fact that he could potentially become President of the United States also makes him a seriously dangerous person.  Donald Trump is using a sharply tuned style that targets idiots and his rhetorics bring out the worst in people.  He is regularly resorting to name calling and the fact that Trump supporters are doing the same, drives home the point of why he is so dangerous: He makes crazy behavior appear main stream and acceptable.

This site is here to expose the idiocy and danger of Dumb Donald Trump – nothing more – nothing less.  We are not pro Republicans or Democrats or anything else.  We are merely anti Dumb Donald Trump.

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